Friday, April 8, 2016

Must LOVE Books! Goodreads Giveaways

I am a die-hard believer in the power of books. especially for children. Putting a book in someones hands opens a door to a world that only that person can imagine. I remember when my son was in Kindergarten and the teacher handed out pages for the children to color. I received a note home that day stating that she was disappointed in my sons coloring page. Was it outside the lines...No. Was it messy, incomplete, No. What could my son have possibly done to his coloring page to warrant a note home? Well, he colored the sky squiggles of blue and red, the house was yellow with a red door and on the lawn he had drawn a pirate ship. Now mind you this was a FUN time activity. The note stated that my son had a "Unrealistic imagination". HUH? Isn't that what an imagination is suppose to be? I had a meeting with said teacher and she had the nerve to tell me my son needed therapy and was going to have "issues advancing" through his school years. Well, I hate to say it but she was right. In 7th grade my son tested in the 12 yr (a SENIOR) in reading comprehension, Science, and English. He tested as a first year college student in Math. May of 2015 my son had "issues advancing", he graduated at the start of his Junior year due to his credits. He had opted to take college classes in the summer and transferred his credits. All of this because we read together every chance we got. My son is working a construction job waiting to turn 18 so he can start training in construction management...then on to Architectural Design...Yellow houses with red doors...turns out his future is just that!
Win a book...
Read it...
Leave it somewhere so someone else can enjoy it, say the doctors office...
Write a note asking them to do the same.

Kids Books, Adult Coloring Books, Romance, Fiction...ETC...ETC...and so on!!
Get ready to have some fun! 2,910 current book giveaways. Some titles choose 1 winner...others may give 5 copies. Some titles are even signed by the author!
This site is so awesome.

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