Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sterno's NEW Family Fun S’mores Maker

Oh My Goodness did we have a blast! I am a bit delayed in posting this but HAD to make sure everyone knew about Sterno's NEW Family Fun S’mores Maker. I received a free S'mores Anytime party kit through TRYAZON. Our S'mores party was fantastic! The kids had a blast. We had a "Guess How Many Mini Marshmallows" contest, a marshmallow on a spoon dash and a marshmallow distance throw. We all voted to give the door prize of another Family Fun S'mores Maker to a family that takes in foster children (9). Unfortunately I did not get any photos as I had to go to the hosp and ended up in emergency surgery. Thank you to my tenants for keeping the party rolling for the kids to enjoy! Happy Gooey Kids=Laughing Parents! #tryazon #smoresanytime

Sunday, May 15, 2016

I just signed up for a chance to host a Sterno S'mores Party through TRYAZON...I can't wait til they choose the lucky host of this party! #TRYAZON #Smoresanytime

Thursday, April 14, 2016




Fisher-Price has announced a recall involving three cradle swings models due to a falling hazard.
The recall of about 34,000 units involves three models of the swing including CHM84 Soothing Savanna Cradle ‘n Swing; CMR40 Sweet Surroundings Cradle ‘n Swing; and CMR43 Sweet Surroundings Butterfly Friends Cradle ‘n Swing. The product number is located on the seat under the pad.
The swings were sold at Buy Buy Baby, Target and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com and other websites from November 2015 through March 2016 for about $170.
The recall was issued after Fisher-Price received two reports of a seat peg coming out from the seat, causing the seat to fall. No injuries have been reported.

Fisher-Price says consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cradle swings and contact them for revised assembly instructions. You can call Fisher-Price at 800-432-5437 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or online at  www.service.mattel.com and click on Recalls & Safety Alerts for more information

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Win A Mercer Knife Set

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I am a die-hard believer in the power of books. especially for children. Putting a book in someones hands opens a door to a world that only that person can imagine. I remember when my son was in Kindergarten and the teacher handed out pages for the children to color. I received a note home that day stating that she was disappointed in my sons coloring page. Was it outside the lines...No. Was it messy, incomplete, No. What could my son have possibly done to his coloring page to warrant a note home? Well, he colored the sky squiggles of blue and red, the house was yellow with a red door and on the lawn he had drawn a pirate ship. Now mind you this was a FUN time activity. The note stated that my son had a "Unrealistic imagination". HUH? Isn't that what an imagination is suppose to be? I had a meeting with said teacher and she had the nerve to tell me my son needed therapy and was going to have "issues advancing" through his school years. Well, I hate to say it but she was right. In 7th grade my son tested in the 12 yr (a SENIOR) in reading comprehension, Science, and English. He tested as a first year college student in Math. May of 2015 my son had "issues advancing", he graduated at the start of his Junior year due to his credits. He had opted to take college classes in the summer and transferred his credits. All of this because we read together every chance we got. My son is working a construction job waiting to turn 18 so he can start training in construction management...then on to Architectural Design...Yellow houses with red doors...turns out his future is just that!
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I'mmmmmmm Back!

Okay Folks...Lets Get This Party Started!! I have been away from this for far too long. I am going through some medical issues and it all hit at once. Very overwhelming for me and well...I decided to hide under my rock for a bit. But I have dug my way back out and have found a way to deal with the handful of crap the doctors have thrown at me. I will be posting a little bit of everything...from reviews of items I purchase and services I receive to giveaways and FREEbies! Thank you to those who hung on as followers.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I would really love to have some followers. Please take a moment and follow my blog and I will be sure to do the same for you. Thank you

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome To My New Blog

I am so excited to finally go "live" with my new blog. I have spent the last several months visiting other blogs and figuring out how I wanted to run mine. I will be sharing all the bargains and deals I can find in hopes that no one will pay full price again! I hope you will join me.